La  Quintana  de  Omedas         Tfn+34  696528577

How to get to the house:

43º 30' 3.38 N         or:  +43° 30' 3.38"

6º 11' 33.35 O         or:   -6° 11' 33.35"

· By Plane:from the airport take a taxi and give the following instructions. Towards La Coruña to the Murosn del Nalón exit, at the roundabout, follow the sign Somao and continue towards Ricuevu, then on to Villafria. When you arrive at La barraca and at the intersection, folow the signs to San Agustín from ahere the next village is Omedas, foloww the sign to La Quintana de Omedas, on your left and side, after 400 m you'll face the house.- Around 25 min from the airport.

· By train: To Avilés, which is the nearest stop. Take a taxi and use the same instructions from  the airport, or alternatively, take the bus from Aviles to pravia and the a taxi -9 kms- through the valleys.

· By Car: Bilbao- Santander- Asturias-La Coruña. take the highway to the Asturias airport; you leave it on your right to continue towards La Coruña until Murosn de l Nalón exit. At the round about, folow the signs to Somao and continue towards Ricuevu, cross Villafría  and when you arrive to La Barraca folow the signs to San Agustin. The next village on the right is Omedas. Take the first exit on the left and continue 800 m along the road lined with houses up to the house with the veranda facing the road, park the car in the car park and enjoy it !

In the village there are 6 houses, ours is the one with the watchtower.

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